Kitchen Remodel Inspiration

I’m in the research phase of looking for a contractor right now. If you know someone good in NJ, please let me know!


Anyway, Our new house has the tiniest, sadest, most outdated kitchen I’ve ever seen. It would really discourage me from cooking if we left it as is.

It currently has two doorways in, one from the formal dining and one from the hallway. My hope is to knock down all the walls and add a breakfast bar, and possibly expand it out to fill part of the formal dining space. We will also have to redo the floor and cabinet and all that jazz… but anyway, to the inspiration!


kitchen Renovation


I’m really into farm sinks. I mean, maybe its just a trendy thing and in 5 years it will be so passe I’ll wish I never thought about it, but not only does it seem functional, it’s so rustic!

I love this kitchen because of the giant window, the pretty backsplash and island. Not a fan of marble countertops though.


kitchen renovation

This design would actually fit our space quite well. It looks about the same size as our kitchen. we would have to flip it so the breakfast bar is in the front and the countertop is to the side… but still, could work.

I like the tall cabinets. I could do without the wood on wood on wood, though.


kitchen renovation


I know it’s absurd how much I like white.

But just take a moment and enjoy the cabinets and refrigerator door. :)


kitchen renovation


And finally, probably the most practical of them all. If we don’t want to totally gut the plumbing and such… this would be a good alternative look. I like the 2 counter heights. It’s clean and simple. Also a nice subtle backsplash.


Living Room Inspiration

So, big news… my husband and I have bought a house!
Our very first starter home. But, while beautiful, it will need quite a bit of work. So I am thinking about living room inspiration today.

The walls are white, it has one elaborate sconce and there are giant bay windows in the front.


A look like this would be great for us. Accent color of magenta, some splashes of pattern, with lots of neutrals.


First, I’m intending to repaint the framing and landing of the bay window.



I dont think I would want curtains that large. but I like the brown contrast on the window frames.


I would like to eventually make the landing of the bay windows some sort of seating area:



This is a GREAT inspiration photo, because having extra storage space would be a dream and a corner bay window seat would be oh so adorable.

I don’t knwo why I gravitate towards everything being white… bc I mean, hello stains. But I really do.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.30.06 PM


although I think those urns or vases on the sides are terribly tacky.


Anyway, stay tuned as I begin the long voyage of home renovation/design. and wish me luck!