Easy Traditional Apple Recipes


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Pssst…..Can You Taste The Rainbow?

An edible rainbow of nummy fruits and vegetables

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Energy Boosting Toast Ideas

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Sweeeeet Potato Toast Ideas

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Last Minute DIY 4th Of July Recipes


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Beyond The Grill: How To Incorporate Charcoal Into Your Daily Beauty Routine

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DIY One-Minute No-Sew Baby Headband

I’m having a ton of fun dressing up little baby M, and we have just about every color headband possible… but sometimes, you just want more. (Yep, i’m a little greedy).



But ends up it’s actually super easy, no sewing machine required. And look how cute!

You can even make a matching one for yourself.



DIY No-Sew Headband:

1.  Get a pair of old newborn tights… or buy some cheap new ones. I got some little ones on sale for $1.99 at Macy’s.

2. Cut right below the waist band to get rid of the thick waistband area.

3. Tie the legs into a knot. It hides the excess fabric and this little knot will go at the base of the baby’s neck

4. Wrap around baby’s head and tie the feet of the tights into a bow on top of her head.



You can do the same thing with newborn leggings for the flatter bow look.