Easy to make diy kid-safe edible playdough sand (sensory play)

Today was a rainy day, so after exhausting all of our indoor options like Target and the museum, I decided to bring my daughter home.

I wanted to give her something she could play with with her hands. I knew that this would get messy so I put her in her kiddie pool. I’ve seen parents let their kids play with flour because it’s great for sensory play. I didn’t necessarily want flour flying everywhere so I devised a way to make a sand that sticks together in balls. Essentially it’s a dough.


Here’s what I used, but I think you can eyeball it a little to change the texture.


4 cups of all-purpose flour

1 cup of vegetable oil

1/4 cup of red powdered hot cocoa (you can just sub a few drops of food coloring here, but I liked the idea of having it smell like chocolate)



Just mix everything together and squish with your hands until it basically sticks together but also falls apart if you smush it.


Then I just threw in some toys and we played in the sticky fake sand for an HOUR. Yes, an HOUR. My toddler doesn’t do anything for an hour.

But just so you know, you probably want to get ready to bathe afterwards, because she found ways to get this stuff  really smushed between her fingers and toes.

Anyway, this activity cost us maybe a dollar? And kept her busy for longer than our $35 weekly music class, so I’m gonna call this one a winner.


Good luck!

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