I Tried Being an Instamom for 6 Weeks And Here’s What Happened


(previously published on Huffington Post)   Admittedly, when I was thrust into this beautiful and terrifying journey called motherhood, I was expecting to learn a lot about myself. Becoming a new mom requires quite a steep learning curve. One thing … Continue reading 

Living Room Inspiration

So, big news… my husband and I have bought a house!
Our very first starter home. But, while beautiful, it will need quite a bit of work. So I am thinking about living room inspiration today.

The walls are white, it has one elaborate sconce and there are giant bay windows in the front.


A look like this would be great for us. Accent color of magenta, some splashes of pattern, with lots of neutrals.


First, I’m intending to repaint the framing and landing of the bay window.



I dont think I would want curtains that large. but I like the brown contrast on the window frames.


I would like to eventually make the landing of the bay windows some sort of seating area:



This is a GREAT inspiration photo, because having extra storage space would be a dream and a corner bay window seat would be oh so adorable.

I don’t knwo why I gravitate towards everything being white… bc I mean, hello stains. But I really do.

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.30.06 PM


although I think those urns or vases on the sides are terribly tacky.


Anyway, stay tuned as I begin the long voyage of home renovation/design. and wish me luck!


PSY makes GangNam Style into NY Style

As you have probably heard, there is currently an extremely viral music video making its way around the internet.

it’s called Gangnam Style – the song is by long-time korean recording artist PSY.

Not only is it utterly hysterical, but its also quite catchy. it’s already at 50 million youtube views and keeps climbing. pretty crazy!!

Anyway, I had the great honor of interviewing PSY at work yesterday.

He is funny, down-to-earth and totally laid back. a wonderful interview.

PSY: I think I’m handsome, but people say I’m not handsome.
Me: Really?
Psy: Yea. do YOU think im handsome?
Me: (looking at him…) sure, I think you’re handsome…
Psy: did you get that on camera?????

doesnt get much humbler than that.

he taught me how to do the famous horse-riding dance on the air, so i will be posting that soon, but until then, enjoy his video!!

Obsessed with the Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet

The Hermes CDC is a fave of celebs including Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham.
Also, just about every style editor in New York City has one of these cuffs.
Easy to see why, because you can wear it with EVERYTHING. Whether its to add some edge to a feminine pastel outfit or fully rock out in some black leather, this cuff is perfect. It comes in black and brown – being a wannabe rockstar, I love the way the black one looks. You can tell that it’s also geniusly engineered to fit and stay on your wrist.

Pricey though, at $1025.

Still, love it. Definite must-have for fashionistas in the know.