Last Minute DIY 4th Of July Recipes


You’re officially panicking. 4th of July weekend is here and you are not prepared to host the epic bash you’ve been telling your friends about all month. Have No Fear! Lifestylenerd is here!! Check out these awesome, patriotic and easy … Continue reading 

5 Last Minute/Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

If you are someone like me, who doesn’t really dress up for Halloween but feel the need to satisfy your peers by doing a little something, here are 5 costumes that you can probably find in your wardrobe.


1. Sriracha


Source: Pinterest

Obtain a Sriracha shirt, red pants and green beanie (target) and you’ll be the hottest sauce where ever you go.

2. Rosie the Riveter


Source: Pinterest

The ideal Rosie involves wearing navy blue overalls but navy shirt and pants will suffice. Add the polka-dotted bandanna and red lipstick with black boots. Finally, bring your guns.

3. Velma & Shaggy


Source: Pinterest

Velma: orange turtle neck , red skirt, orange socks, red shoes, big rimmed glasses.

Shaggy: big green T-shirt and brown pants. Don’t shave for a few days too.

4. Inside Out Crew



5. Jim Halpert

The Office star is probably the king of not-trying…

a. Three Hole Punch  Jim


Source: Pinterest

b. Dave


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c. Facebook


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…until he had his baby.


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