Detox Guide After A Rough Weekend

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The weekends are typically meant for relaxing, right?  Not on a holiday, it isn’t! You’ve been working late every day. Your boss has been in a permanent bad mood and is in dire need of a yoga class, pop a … Continue reading 

Easy DIY Window Treatment Hardware Hack

Great ideas from The Homemade Home on how to make some rustic looking curtain rods. I love the color! And it adds a little flair to the normally unnoticed rods in your home.


All you need are copper pipes, measuring tape, and a pipe cutter and you can have your own custom hardware at a fraction of the cost.

According to The Homemade Home,

In the piping section of your home improvement store, grab up a pipe cutter, end caps, brackets, and a pipe {sized in thickness to what you will need.} After you choose your pipe, head over to the window treatments department and grab up some hanging hooks. {make sure the hanging hooks-I guess that’s the right word???-will fit nicely over the pipe. You can always do a rod pocket for your curtains as well.We just like the hooks.}

Deciding where your brackets will go on the wall, eyeball it and screw them onto the wall.  Cut your pipe according to the length you will need. Pipe cutters are simple to work: simply insert the pipe, tighten like a vice, and twist and tighten as you go. Just like above. Turn it until it snaps off at the correct length you need. Then simply slide it into place on the wall.

And depending on what color hooks you want, you can either buy em, or spray paint em!

i LOVE spray paint. Lifesaver.

When they are dry, place them on the rod, cap off the ends with the end caps, and place the panels on the window.

Anyway, happy home renovation, yall!

5 Wellness-Boosting Scents for Your Bedroom

Waking up to fresh scents is the start to a beautiful day. Even more important is waking up to the right scent, one that will help you if you’re in a negative mood, or even if you have health issues.

Whether you use candles, incense, flowers or actual food, you can find a way to incorporate a scent into your bedroom that will enhance your well-being.

Having five different purposes, here are five wellness-boosting scents for your bedroom:


  1. Apples alleviate migraines.

The crisp and fruity scent of apples are said to alleviate migraines because of their ability to balance acidic levels in the body. We all know the common saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I guess it made “scents” all along.

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  1. Jasmine eases depression.

Like the way you feel blissful when being surrounded by flowers, the scent of flowers also have happy elixir qualities. Jasmine in particular has a relaxing, flowery scent that helps ease depression.



  1. Vanilla increases cognitive function.

The incredibly popular flavor of vanilla also has the scent of a genius. The chemical within vanilla (vanilloids) are known to reduce inflammation and increase cognitive function. So next time you have you have to mentally impress, try wearing vanilla perfume, or maybe light some vanilla candles.


  1. Cinnamon sharpens memory.

Ahh, cinnamon aromas. It’s no wonder that such a sweet scent helps with memory, because we always remember the scent itself. Along with being a memory booster, cinnamon has countless other health benefits.

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  1. Lavender helps with sleep.

Studies show that lavender eases anxiety and insomnia. The clean and light scent cools our mind and muscles, preparing us for a better sleep. So in this case, going to sleep and waking up to lavender is in order.