Fall/ Winter 2015 Fashion Staples: From Designer to Affordable

(Source: Eonline)

From camel coats to corduroy skirts, this season is all about 70’s-80’s revival, velvet, faux fur and statement patterns. With so many amazing trends this season there truly is something for every fashion forward individual to obsess over. Fresh Off … Continue reading 

I miss fashion week

Yes, yes I know that I am always running around and a crazy person during fashion week (and sometimes during not-fashion-week) But this photo by my amazing photographer friend has brought back memories. And now I want to see pretty clothing on the runway and designers yelling at makeup artists and models pretending to eat backstage.

And I’m obviously texting Anna Wintour. Duh.


Chanel at/on Your Fingertips

Lots of Blue at the Chanel show…
down to nitty & not-so-gritty the nails.

But the blue to watch was the pretty pale blue on the nails of all the models.
And that color is NOT in Chanel’s current nailpolish collection which means…
yes fashionistas and fashionistos, this will be the new polish to look debuting likely soon.

Love that pearly sky color; almost makes me forget how cold it is out here!