Team Coco

You know, call me a curmudgeon but the idea of packing into a theater with a ton of people is not my idea of a good time.
So when I was offered some tickets to see Conan O’Brien tape his show at NYC’s Beacon Theater on November 2nd… I thought.. well maybe I’ll take em, but probably, I’ll give them away.

I had already made plans to see a friend of mine that afternoon, so I asked her if she wanted to go, and duh, of course she did.

I mean who doesn’t want to see that abnormally gigantic and adorably dorky tall ginger comedian do his thing? I’ve always had a crush on Conan. If it werent for my friend, I def woudl have let my avoidance of crowds get to me.

I also would have let my dislike of taking pics get to me. If it weren’t for her gentle nudging, I would have the blurritastic proof that I was at the show.

An awesome time. Glad I went. Crush on Conan renewed.

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